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ITP: hospital escapes are hard.

[if you happen to drop by the Avacabin today, you may notice something different. Specifically, a heavily bandaged Zuko (complete with temporary eyepatch) slumped against the outside wall. He really did make it almost all the way to the door. What a trooper.]

((Open to anyone ♥ After these shenanigans. Never bite Azula, guys.))



[you know what they say about vampires]

[they're kind of whiny]

... Jet?



[for all that failed boning]



Whoa, sorry about my recent disappearance from the game, guys! That totally wasn't supposed to happen, but finals and con prep kind of opened up a hellmouth in my living room. I'm mostly done with stress and horrible things now, buuut I'm doing birthday things and hanging out with friends sporadically through the weekend, plus I'm recovering from mild con plague. So I'll be around on gchat and sometimes IRC, but it's looking like it'll take me a few more days to get fully back into the swing of things.

I'll definitely get to my counselors and counselees next week, if not sooner! ♥


[in a field lit by the rays of the sunset, beneath a rainbow, there is a signpost. The signs are attached haphazardly, and none are identical. Some are ornate, and some in shambles, but all of them point in different directions. If you look closer to read the words, you'll see not only places, but names, dates, intangible concepts... you name it, it's there.]

[at the foot of the signpost sits Prince Zuko, working intently on what appears to be an in-progress cross-stitch that reads: "HONOR, SWEET HONOR." A tiny raincloud hovers right above his head, drizzling on him. If you squint, it appears to have a face.]

((OOC: Because I missed the subconscious post, but still wanted to play. This is open to anyone!))